Curation Clinic @ Naples ECE
XI European Congress of Entomology

Naples, Italy, July 3rd 2018
Several members of the arthropod genomics community who will be attending the conference have expressed an interest in getting together for some hands-on gene annotation curation using the Apollo collaborative genomic annotation editor, hence I am organising this informal 'Curation Clinic'.

The idea is to get together and create an informal opportunity for people who have already gotten to grips with using Apollo to help those who are still lacking confidence or have never used Apollo, as well as enabling those people with more experience to tackle some 'tricky' annotations together, or simply to discuss the fruits of their efforts.

TUESDAY, JULY 3rd, 17:30 - 19:30
- as sessions finish at 17:30 I will only start the workshop at 17:45 -
Meeting room: ULISSE


[1] If you want to participate in the hands-on practical exercises then please bring your own LAPTOP - no need to install any special software, you just need a web browser and access to the conference WiFi.

[2] Some people (like me) find using a trackpad to navigate Apollo a bit difficult - so please feel free to bring along a mouse to make your life easier.

[3] The Apollo instance we will be using can be found here (you will receive login information during the workshop):

[4] The training practical information for the curation clinic can be found here:

​[5] AFTERWARDS - all are welcome to join for some drinks and some food in order to continue our discussions - Trattoria Medina , Via Medina 32 – next to MUNICIPIO metro station.
I did NOT book any tables etc. just turn up and hope for some spaces, otherwise there is another pizzeria next door where there might be some space.

Additional Info

Apollo website:

Apollo at VectorBase:

Apollo at i5K [email protected]

Apollo at BIPAA (BioInformatics Platform for Agroecosystem Arthropods):

Apollo IAGC BIPAA tutorial video: